Maurício Martins


Bio Maker of Things, Tinkerer, problem-solver and Open Source advocate. Works mainly as Collaborative Project Manager focused on DIY Experimentation with Electronics, Physical Computing and Digital Fabrication.

Contact me about #Digital Fabrication Services, #3D Printing, #Electronics Hardware Design, #Technical Consulting

Rita Carvalho

Bio Studied photography at Maumaus Visual Contamination Center.
Worked as a press photographer and video assistant.
Currently lives and works in Lisbon
manages at MILL.

Contact me about #photography #video

Tiago Rorke

Bio Designer, artist and maker, usually immersed in prototyping and physical computing. Passionate about teaching, and empowering people with tools for them to design and build their own experiences and better understand their technological world.

Contact me about 3D Modelling, Electronics, Physical Computing, Programming, Product Design.

Justine Latour

Bio Justine Latour is a multidisciplinary designer from Toronto, with a background in fashion and textile, design and production. Central to her body of work is a slow fashion approach, exploring innovative materials and technologies while advocating for responsible creation and consumption.

Contact me about Machine Embroidery, Textile & Fashion Design, Upcycling & Mending Techniques, Jewelry Design, Lenticular Printing, 3D Modeling

Sara Bozzini

Bio Sara Bozzini is an Italian product designer based in Lisbon. Her recent work focuses on the creation of experimental tableware for renowned chefs. Sara is dedicated to crafting objects with an artisanal essence. Her design approach combines thoughtful ideation with skilled craftsmanship in a harmonious synergy. She views the production process as a central character, seamlessly intertwined with the design journey. Sara’s creations emerge from poetic interactions, lucid dreams, and therapeutic desires.

Contact me about #tablewareforexperimetalgastronomy

Mara Hotchi Grigoriu

Bio Mara Hotchi Grigoriu is a romanian jewelry designer at the intersection of art and technology, specializing in conceptual jewelry crafted through cutting-edge digital fabrication techniques. Through her work, she explores the infinite possibilities of 3D printing and other digital tools, redefining the aesthetics of jewelry and wearable objects

Contact me about #3dmodeling #digitalfabrication #jewelrymanufacturing


Bio Willpower is a New Media Artist, Performer & Spiritual Creative Technologist with light & Sound as his mediums. He develops eTextiles wearables as instruments for performances. His installations focus on immersive spaces where the audience participates with touch, body movements and their voice. His light structures and audiovisual performances are great for events. He gives workshops about privacy tech in an age where our data is the new currency.

Contact me about #events #lights #digitalPrivacy

Paulo Andringa

Bio Paulinho is from Lisboa, and likes building little machines that make new audio and video interactions possible. He knows a lot more about the linux audio subsystems than is reasonable, and likes to use raspberry pis for everything. Webdesigner and programmer, loves to find quick solutions to weird challenges. Prefers nodejs and a linux command line, but also plays with python and graphical stuff in windows or macs. Worked in the past with digital archives and large datasets, likes .csv and .txt files, is an imagemagick and ffmpeg fan.

Contact me about Raspberry PIs, Programming, Interaction Design, Audio/Video players and recorders, Vintage audio and video formats, Museum installations.

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