Bringing Your Idea to Life

At MILL, every project is different, usually bringing together people with varying skillsets to find creative solutions to unique challenges.  It is a place to share your ideas, explore and experiment, help others with their projects, and get help with yours.

Case Studies

See some of the things that have been built by and with the MILL community.

Made By MILL

If you have a design brief in hand and are looking for someone to make it happen, we can help. We accept projects large and small, from minor repairs to designing and building elaborate contraptions. We can make (almost) anything, and on the rare occasions that we can’t, there is usually someone in our network that can.

Made With MILL

Whether you just need a particular tool or are lacking a certain skill to finish your new project, MILL is a place you can come to for help and resources. Have a rough prototype and need something more polished?  Want to introduce interactive elements to your installation?  Visiting town with a project and need to re-solder a few loose connections?  We are here to help.

Made At MILL

There are many different options for getting involved at MILL, whether you are looking for a workspace or projects to work on, short term or ongoing. Whether you’re new in Lisbon or just passing by, we’d be happy to have you!

Design Services

We have broad experience in the areas of electronics, CAD, robotics, interaction and web design and more, and can help you find solutions to your design challenges and develop elements for your project.

Resident Collaborations

Our residents each bring their own specialties and creative practice to MILL, and might just have the skills you are looking for to realise your next project. Check out our residents page to find out more about who is currently at MILL, their work, skills and contact details.


We offer 3D printing and laser cutting services and consulting, and can also help you with analysing your models and designs and preparing them for fabrication. For a list of our current equipment see this table.

Get In Touch!

If you think we can help or you would like to come and work with us, we’d love to hear from you.