A Space for Making

A Home for Different Crafts

MILL is a multi-disciplinary workshop with tools and machines for all manner of invention, and space for residents to bring their own equipment.

The big table

We have a big table (they’re actually six joined together!) for meetings, larger projects, conversations and workshops. With an overhead projector, speakers and lots of plugs for all your computers and stuff.

The electronics station

This is the ideal place for finishing and debugging hardware projects, with nice overhead lighting, a magnifying lamp, a bench power supply and soldering and testing equipment for all your electronics needs.

The back

In the back is where you’ll find the noisy and smelly machines – laser cutter, CNC, wood and metal working tools, and more space – for breaking and fixing stuff.



MachineProcessWork Area
Blocks CustomFDM 3D Printer400 x 400 x 400mm
Custom (YARR)FDM 3D Printer750 x 750 x 750mm
Creality Ender-3 S1 PlusFDM 3D Printer300 x 300 x 300mm
Leapfrog XeedFDM 3D Printer280 × 220 × 230 mm
Anycubic Photon Mono SE*SLA 3D Printer130 x 78 x 160mm
Anycubic Wash & Cure 2.0*SLA Post Processing120 x 74 x 165mm
Creality Halot Mage Pro 8KSLA 3D Printer228 x 128 x 230mm
Creality UW-02 Washing/Curing MachineSLA Post Processing240 x 160 x 200mm
RDC 503960W CO2 Laser Cutter500 x 300mm
Shapeoko 2Desktop CNC Mill300 x 300 x 60mm
Custom (MIMI)*Pen Plotter1050 x 735mm
JANOME Memory Craft 500E*Digital Embroidery Machine200 x 280mm
Singer 14U454B*Overlocker
Jack A5*Sewing Machine
Silhouette PortraitPaper and Vinyl CutterA4

Electronics Workbench

Bench Power SupplyAX-3005DS
Soldering IronTS100
OscilloscopeUNI-T UTD2052CL
Hot Air Rework StationProK DS101A
Multimeters, Clamp Metervarious
Hand Tools, Soldering Ironsvarious

Multi-Use Workbench

Cordless and corded drills, various power tools
Vice, various hand tools
Pillar drill
Rotary tools
Heat press*

* This machine belongs to a current MILL resident