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Makers In Little Lisbon




Who We Are

MILL is home to an ever-changing, diverse collective of artists, designers and technologists, and hub for a wider community of collaborators, working together to bring all kinds of projects to life.

What’s Happening

Join our Community!

Whether you are looking for a space to create in or projects to work on, there are many different ways to participate.

Have an Idea for an Event?

MILL is not just a workspace, but also a social space for sharing, teaching and collaborating.  See our upcoming events, and get in touch if you think MILL would be a great space for your future activity.

Have an Idea for a Project?

Do you have a project in mind somewhere at the intersection of art, design and technology? We would love to help you turn your vision into a reality, and for what we can’t do in-house, can help connect you to the perfect people for the job.

Some Things We’ve Built

Explore our portfolio to see some of the projects we’ve brought to life.