Please join us at MILL to discuss and experiment with photogrammetry. This will be a limited-run club; there will be only 3 meetings.

Please note that this is NOT A WORKSHOP. There will be no formal instruction. Only sharing techniques and strategies.


Saturday, 11 May, 14h30-17h30: Meet at MILL to discuss techniques and best practices for photogrammetry and do some experiments/tests.

Saturday, 18 May, 10h-17h: Meet at Rossio and travel to Sintra as a group. (or meet there if it is more convenient). Walk to Quinta da Regaleira and then hike up to Pena Palace, capturing as much stuff as possible along the way. We can bring a picnic and eat, drink, and be merry.

Thursday, 23 May, 19h-21h: We meet back at MILL to compare results. We discuss if we’d like to do anything collectively with the results of our trip. For instance, it might be fun to make a surreal VR experience, make prints (2D or 3D), or a multi-screen or projection art show.

(optional) Someday: Public art show to display what we have made.



“Seed,” a surreal trip powered by photoscanned objects


Little Things by Mister & Missus


Glitch World by ME!


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