Join us for an Introduction to Python focused at the females of the species.


This is an 8 hour course that runs over two dates, the course teaches the basics of Object Oriented programming, using Python, an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming.

Although this is a course designed to empower females who are in tech or want to learn more about tech, we encourage men and women from all walks of life to be part of this workshop (i.e. men are welcome!), as we are strong believers that the more diversity the better the solution.

The topics covered in this course include: data structures, classes and inheritance and design patterns.

Although some concepts are transversal to programming languages, the course will be completely “hands-on”, and we will demonstrate them with Python code. By the end of this course, students should be able to install the Python interpreter in their Operative system, and to create and run programs using the interactive console or the python command line interpreter. They should also have acquired the basic knowledge of object oriented programming, which will allow to keep learning Python, or move to other programming languages.

Student Requirements:
– No prior knowledge of programming is required for this course.
– Bring your computer to the course

About Your Lecturer
Joana Simoes

“I am the perfect blend of a data scientist and a software engineer, with Free and Open Source at the heart. Driven by curiosity and by all things spatial.”

Although Joana has acquired a PhD in Geographical Information Systems (University College of London), her drive to solve “real-world” problems has led her to industry, an international organization and a research foundation. Through this career path, she had the amazing opportunity to work and live in different European cities (Lisbon, London, Rome and Barcelona) and to integrate international teams, which enabled Joana to embrace cultural diversity and has taught her to think “out-of-the-box”.

Additionally, Joana has a passion for technology and she has worked as a professional software engineer and architect for many years, Joana has often “changed hats” to become a data scientist, as she has a natural talent for “asking questions” and answering them with data.
Beyond being a developer, Joana cares a lot about the ethics of software, and how it can shape (and change) the world. Her involvement in the Free and Open Source movement, in particular in what concerns spatial technologies, has led her to become an advocate for the OSGeo foundation and the vice president of the Portuguese chapter of the OSGeo.

Joana has an extensive background in a wide range of technologies, she has always been interested in learning about new trends. Recently she has been diving into the challenges of handling large amounts of data, and virtualizing software in the cloud. In her spare time, Joana likes to get involved in projects such as cryptocurrency mining and Raspberry PI.

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Additional Information:
– The course includes beverages and snacks.
– Please bring your laptop to the course
– If we get less than 10 students signed up to the course, we will have to cancel the course and you will be fully refunded. (Please note we cannot vouch for Eventbrite’s expenses on refunding you).
– If we have to cancel the course due to unforeseeable circumstances that out of our control you shall be fully refunded. (Please note we cannot vouch for Eventbrite’s expenses on refunding you).

Hosted by KATO and MILL – Makers In Little Lisbon